A-kan has Over 20 years of Experience In Insurance

You will not regret going with A-KAN Insurance, as we have over 20 years combined insurance experience. Kanwar and Anj are a power brother sister duo, who vow to give the best service to their clients, while trying to make sure they give their clients get the best premium; they work very hard to make sure they do what they say. A-KAN Insurance has a unique concept of assuring their clients are covered in all aspects of their lives, for ex. Life, auto, home, medical, commercial and much more. The best part about this company is, that they are all under one roof and do not need their clients to go to someone else for their expectations and needs. Please visit us today at a location near you to view your current policies and or a quote.

Property Insurance

We often take the house we live in for granted and don’t think about securing it. But if you don’t secure and insure your house

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Business Insurance

A-Kan Brokers are small business owners and understand the importance of developing a plan for continued financial security.

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Auto Insurance

We understand being a vehicle owner in Edmonton is not free of risks. The weather and road conditions toy with our hearts.

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Life Insurance

At A-Kan Insurance Ltd. we understand the subject of insurance can be a grim and sensitive one. But also extremely important to consider

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