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Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto Insurance in Edmonton

Many businesses rely on transportation modes to carry on to the next process of doing business. When you use vehicles or trailers to move job-related equipment, goods or any other materials, it may provoke risks that can cost you a lot more than taking precautions. At A-Kan Commercial Auto Insurance, we shield you from financial damages that any accidents, thefts, and other mishaps may incur. Whether you are using Individual

Commercial Automobile, Commercial Fleet or Garage Automobiles, we take care of it all. Our expert commercial vehicle insurance brokers work with you to find the perfect coverage that satisfies your needs and leaves you worry-free.

There are a number of things that could go wrong on the icy roads of Edmonton. You or your driver could face injuries, property loss or collisions that cause both to you or people around you on the road. Commercial auto insurance ensures your business doesn’t take a major hit while you recover or are being held accountable for the damages you have caused to others.
A-Kan Insurance will provide coverage for the following circumstances:

If your business vehicle has suffered damages or loss. This includes vehicles getting hit by falling trees, storms, hail, and other acts of nature. We also cover acts of fire, theft, and vandalism.
If you or your hired company driver damages another’s property and are being held liable.
If you or your driver suffer from an injury or death that is resulted from an on-the-job collision.
If you or your driver have caused injury or death to someone else on the road.

Individual Commercial Automobile Insurance:

Singular Insurance for Commercial Trucks for purposes such as landscaping, vehicles used for Oil and Gas field, delivering goods. Contractors Insurance is also

included.Commercial Fleet:

Flexible coverage that provides cheap commercial insurance if you have 5 or more vehicles that you use for business purposes rather than an Individual Commercial Automobile Insurance. We wrap it all into a single policy.

Garage Automobile:

Special policies which are designed for operations like dealers, service stations and repair shops.


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