Box Truck Insurance in Edmonton

Box trucks are enclosed, cube-shaped with an attached cargo area to it. If you use Box Trucks for business purposes such as daily transportation of bulky cargos, heavy equipment, couriers, expeditions, retail operations, moving of household goods, etc. then sudden damages or breakdown can cause financial losses due to unforeseen delays in transportation or accidents. That is why you need A-Kan Commercial Insurance to make sure your business operations keep running smoothly even if you face cargo damages. When you are on the road, we protect your trucks and freighters.



Reefer trucks have refrigerated units that may be directly on the frame or are attached to the trailers. Usually, they are known to transport consumables or perishable items. Any damage to the refrigeration unit can destroy or spoil the perishable items. As a result, you may have to incur expenses to repair your refrigeration unit as well as bear the loss of damage to the perishable items. However, if you have box truck insurance, then any such damage or loss will be covered for you.


A sleeper truck or a Freight-liner consists of a sleeping compartment for a driver. Such trucks are extremely useful when you need to transport something from one part of the country to another which may take a few days. These trucks are expensive and any repair or replacement can be costly for a Small Business. Therefore, you can take insurance cover for your truck and reduce the expenses that you may have to incur in the future. You can opt for different types of insurance that cover different expenses such as bodily injuries, Property damage, towing charges, etc.


Cargo cutaway vans are extremely useful for courier companies. Such vans are used for transporting couriers, documents, and other items in lesser volume as compared to trucks. Almost all types of box truck insurance policies cover cargo cutaway vans.


Food trucks also come under the category of box trucks and can be insured with box truck insurance. Any liability claim for your food truck can affect your finance. Therefore, it is recommended that you opt for box truck insurance and insure all the important aspects of your food truck.

A-KAN box truck insurance also covers tilt cabs, icebox, moving trucks, etc. If you own any of the above-mentioned trucks, you should make sure that you have a box truck insurance and avoid the chance of paying for damages to your truck or goods that are being transported.

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