When you commit to a business, you have to protect all your assets. Yourself, your employees, your properties and responsibilities to others. At A-Kan commercial building insurance, we provide comprehensive coverage not only for the buildings but its contents as well including IT equipment, stock supplies and more (on-site, in transit, or off-site).

Commercial Building Insurance in Edmonton

Whether you need insurance for your Residential, Non-mercantile, Mercantile, Manufacturing or Condominiums, we have got you covered. Especially with occupations that require the use of hazardous elements such as fire, welding tools, spray paints, etc inside the commercial building can increase the risks of loss by fire. Damages to the commercial buildings can put a huge damper on your business and may halt operations up to a long time. If you do not insure the base of your operations, that is as risky as it can get from neglect.

We can help you! At A-Kan Insurance, we have partnered up with Edmonton insurance companies to provide you with optimized and excellent coverage. They may offer their own unique rates but we understand that no one business is the same as all the others. That is why our expert brokers take the time and extra care to find you what is best for you. We take into consideration all the aspects of your unique operation.

We do not only provide building or house insurance coverage for common perils such as fire, explosion, smoke, falling objects, damage from riots, vandalism or other malicious acts we also cover damages due to natural disasters such as flood, wind, hail lightning, and earthquakes. Providing comprehensive coverage so you may keep on rolling smoothly.

Insurances for your child's future

Take care of your child

You can protect the future of your kids with the money you invest in life insurance. This could set their life and shield them from any financial perils such as student loans or heavy wedding expenses.