Super Visa Insurance in Edmonton

Ever since the Canadian government launched the Super Visa program on December 1st, 2011, the grandparents, parents and immediate family members of the Canadian citizens became eligible to visit and make a stay up to 2 years. A-Kan Insurance offers a free super visa Insurance quote in Edmonton to help you get a plan as per your needs. We keep specific health-related questions into consideration so we can help you find the best and most suitable super visa insurance plan that you can afford by researching and comparing market competitive prices.

What are the requirements for a Super Visa application?

To apply for a Parent or Grandparent Super Visa for Canada, you need emergency medical insurance that stands valid for at least one year and from a Canadian Insurance company. This is where we come in. A-Kan Insurance makes sure that upon your arrival to Canada, you have the coverage for any emergency medical care or hospitalization.

What Does Super Visa Medical Insurance cover?

Super Visa Medical Insurance will provide protection from the expenses of medical bills. This covers the grounds of any illnesses that occurred during your stay in Canada or any accidents that occurred. The expenses covered under super visa insurance include hospital visits, ambulance, and medicinal drugs.

What Super Visa Insurance Does Not Cover?

This insurance plan is designed to cover only medical emergencies, routine checkups are not covered. Treatments for mental health that were not diagnosed in Canada during your stay are also not under the coverage.

What is Super Visa?

Launched in December 2011 in Canada, Super visa program has made it simpler and quicker to get back together with your with parents and grandparents. This program states that the parent or grandparent of the Canadian citizen is allowed to stay in Canada for two years maximum, without leaving Canada. It is a multiple entry visa and it is valid for ten years.

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